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 Leadership Expression Ministry Certificate Course 


Psalm 149:3

 "Praise his name with dancing;

    play drums and harps in praise of Him."


This course is specially designed for churches that are starting new with the expression ministry, individual prophetic dance leaders or assistance who are already in the prophetic dance ministry and seeks for leadership guidance and mentor-ship in the prophetic dance ministry. In this course students will learn how to lead a expression ministry team. During this course you will about prophetic dance, mime, drama and get mentorship on these course.

Every month students will receive a group session and a one on one online mentor-ship . Sherma will spend time mentoring students and try to help them as much as possible with the growth of their ministry. If possible Sherma will travel once a year to the student's location to give workshops and teachings. The course will be given by Sherma Oriakhi and other special guests teachers, who are trained in expression ministry. At the completion of the course, student will receive a certificate.

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Additional Information:

This course covers a wide areas of leadership fundamentals and the prophetic dance ministry. This course is therefore, designed to run for eight (8) months with a once in a month group section and a one - on - one monthly mentor-ship section.

Recommendation for students in Holland:

If you are looking for a dance school to develop your dance technique, we would like to recommend you to Shekinah Worship Dance Institute. 

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 Sherma ministering in LCC Amsterdam

 Sherma ministering in Denmark


 Sherma ministering in Denmark

 Sherma ministering in Denmark


KOM and Shekinah minstering in Denmark

 KOM and Shekinah ministering  in Denmark



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