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 Kingdom Intercession Certificate Course




Jeremiah 27:18

"... and if the word of the Lord be with them, let them now make intercession to the Lord of hosts ..."

This course is designed to help students discover and maximize their calling as intercessors. It is for all kinds of intercessors in the kingdom. Every child of God has a measure of grace for intercession at different season and for different cause under the sun. There are people out there, who have no idea they are called to be an intercessor.

This course is designed therefore, to bring such truth to light, and release the intercessory unction trapped in the saint. For lack of knowledge, men and women who are ordained by God to change circumstances in prayer and establish the Will of God in their domain, ends up complaining and playing the victim like everyone else. This end time, God is raising men and women like Simeon and Prophetess Anna of old, who will go beyond the limits of asking for bread and water, and pray for the establishment of God’s purpose in their environment.

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Additional Information:

In this course, student will learn about the twelve kinds of intercessions and how to become a successful and passionate intercessor. Apostle Alva Green of the World Harvest Ministries, USA is waiting to guide and mentor in this course.

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