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 The Kingdom Leadership Edge Certificate Course

Isaiah 9:16

"Those who lead these people have misled them and totally confused them."

This course is designed to help the saints of God to understand the rudiments and the dynamics of the leadership call upon their lives, and to provide the necessary tools for their fulfilment in life and ministry in relationship to qualitative and accountable leadership. 

The goal of this course is to provide a kingdom platform for the saints of God to be empowered and equipped for their leadership calling in Christ. Every man and woman born of God has an inherent leadership trait, waiting to be discovered, developed and activated. Even in the absence of followers, each individual has his / her own life and destiny to lead.

Man was ordained to reign and rule over the earth from the very beginning. And redemption further enthroned every heir of salvation, a king and priest on the earth.  However, the heir of salvation can forever be lost in the crowd of followers, as long as he / she remains a child and unskilled in the act of leadership.

Your calling and anointing notwithstanding, until you ‘learn’ the rudiments and dynamics of leadership, you are most likely going to ‘abuse’ your divine calling, your inherent anointing and provisions. Lack of qualitative and accountable leadership remains a major problem in our society today. Your prayer and fasting notwithstanding, God will not increase you in terms of anointing, talents and resources, more than your capacity to lead and manage. But the good news is: KOM Institute is here to complete you and empower you for manifestation.

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Additional Information:

This course consists of ten (10) different subjects that cover every angles of leadership. This course is therefore designed to run for ten (10) months (one course subject per month). Classes hold twice a month including a half hour one – on – one mentor-ship section.


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